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Q: Why undertake a credit score and how will my credit score impact on my quotation?


There are a number of factors that affect insurance pricing, of which credit scoring is just one. The credit score we obtain is an Insurance-specific Risk score based only on publically available data, and provided by the credit reference agency Callcredit. It provides a fast, objective and consistent measurement of risk and allows us to make better more informed decisions at the quotation stage and potentially whilst the policy remains in force.

We'll only undertake a credit search at new business or renewal. Mid-term amendments will not be credit scored.

Anyone can obtain a copy of their own credit report from Callcredit. Details of how to do this, and what to do if they have any subsequent queries can be found on their website:

Please note that Callcredit are unable to answer queries from individuals regarding their credit report unless they have already accessed their credit report with Callcredit.

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