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Q: What do I do if my windscreen is damaged?


Windscreen claims are handled by Autoglass, who have an automated claims process on their website.

Windscreen cover includes each window on the vehicle including the sunroof, although glass roof panels are only covered as part of the vehicle, and not as part of a windscreen claim.

There's no excess if you have your windscreen repaired. If the windscreen needs to be replaced there's an excess of £50 applied. It will count as a claim, but won't affect your No Claim Discount.

If the work is done by Autoglass, we'll pay the full cost of repair or replacement up to a maximum of the car's market value. However if the glass is replaced, then you'll have to pay the excess.

If you choose to use another windscreen specialist, an excess of £50 applies, with an upper limit of £150 for the claim.

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