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Q: Do I need to provide evidence of my No Claim Discount?


If you bought your Co-op Car Insurance from a price comparison website, you have our Ecoinsurance, and usually we can automatically check your No Claim Discount when you get a quote. If you get a letter from us asking for proof of No Claims Discount, please send it to the address specified in the letter.

If you choose to take out a policy with us via telephone or from this website, we'll need you to provide evidence of your No Claim Discount earned in your name.

This proof will normally be your renewal document from your most recent UK insurer, showing the number of years No Claim Discount earned.

The document must show:

  • The number of years No Claim Discount earned
  • The expiry date of your last insurance policy.

We are unable to consider the following documents for proof of No Claim Discount:

  • Certificate of motor insurance
  • Insurance quotations
  • Statement of Facts
  • Proof of No Claim Discount already used on another policy
  • If the proof is over three years old.

Your discount can only be used on one policy at a time. It can't be shared across two or more policies.

Contrary to advice displayed in our quote and buy system, there is normally no requirement for you to provide an explanation for any gap in cover. Proof of No Claim Discount can be emailed to, or sent via post to Co-op Insurance, PO Box 67, Mitcheldean, Gloucester GL17 0ZA.

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