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Q: What excess will I have to pay in the event of a car insurance claim?


The total excess you'll pay is the standard excess plus any Young or Inexperienced Driver excess (see below), plus any voluntary excess you have on your policy.

The lowest excess you can have is our standard excess. For glass-only claims (windscreen, windows or sunroof glass) this is £50 if the glass is replaced or nil if it is repaired. For any other claim for loss of or damage to your car the lowest possible excess is £100. However, for damage claims (other than fire or theft) this increases for young, and inexperienced drivers to:

  • £250 if the driver is 25 or over but has held a full licence for less than 12 months
  • £300 if the driver is aged 21-24
  • £400 if the driver is aged under 21

plus any voluntary excess you have chosen.

If you have an accident that was caused by another driver you may be able to recover your excess (and other costs not covered by your insurance) directly from the other driver.

If you have Legal Expenses Insurance on your Co-op car insurance policy, Co-op Legal Services can claim against the other driver on your behalf.

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