How do you value my car if it's been written-off or stolen?

If your car's been stolen and not recovered, or written-off (we call this a total loss), we value your car by finding out its market value before the theft or accident happened.

Our starting point is to look at the Glass’s Retail Transacted Value, which is used as a starting point by insurance companies.

The guide price is then adjusted to reflect your car's:

  • age
  • mileage
  • optional extras that were fitted
  • pre-accident condition.

We don't take account of the cost of any servicing or maintenance that may have been done.

We may make further deductions if your car has been written-off before.

All deductions are fully documented and supported by images from the repairer or salvage agent.

When you make a claim, we’ll discuss your car's valuation with you to make sure we have all the right details.

We don’t use advertisements to find out your car's value as a car may be sold for less than the advertised price, and small differences in mileage and model type can make a big difference to its value.

Our process is in line with the Financial Ombudsman Service guidelines.


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