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Q: What is the standard excess for car insurance?


The standard excess is the amount you pay for any claim for loss of or damage to your car.

The standard excess amount after 13 December 2018 will be £150 for customers who bought their policy directly from Co-op Insurance, and for customers who have our Ecoinsurance (usually purchased through a price comparison website). Prior to this date the standard excess is £100.

If your policy starts before, and not renewed since 13 December 2018, there's an excess to pay of £50 for windscreen replacement and nil excess for windscreen repairs.

If your policy starts on or after 13 December 2018 the excess will be £75 for a replacement, and £15 excess for windscreen repairs.

Other compulsory excesses may apply depending on your age and experience. If you’re an existing customer please refer to your policy documents and booklets for details of all excesses which may apply.


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