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Q: For what am I covered through my buildings insurance?


Our buildings insurance covers the entire structure of your home, including roofs, walls, fences, hedges, gates, driveway (restrictions apply to fences, hedges and gates cover within certain perils of the policy) and outbuildings at the address insured by the policy, plus permanent building fixtures like fitted kitchens/wardrobes.

You'll be protected from a wide range of buildings risks, including fire, explosion, storm or flood (excluding fences, hedges and gates), theft, vandalism and subsidence.

Loss of or damage to swimming pools, terraces, patios, drives, footpaths, walls, fences, hedges and gates caused by subsidence or heave of the site, or landslip, is not covered unless the private dwelling or its garages, greenhouses or outbuildings are damaged at the same time.

Other exclusions include damp, wear and tear not caused by an insured event, or faulty electrical appliances or workmanship.

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