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Q: Are my pipes and underground services covered?


Accidental damage to underground pipes, drains and cables (including their inspection covers) serving the buildings are covered under buildings insurance.

We define accidental damage as physical damage that is caused suddenly by an external event and that is unexpected and not deliberate.

Exclusions apply when the damage is caused by depreciation, wear and tear, atmospheric, climatic or weather conditions, anything that happens gradually, faulty workmanship, defective design or the use of defective materials.

In addition there is no cover for maintenance, routine redecoration or the cost of clearing blockages from pipes and drains if there is no damage to the pipe or drain itself.

Our buildings insurance also covers freezing of any fixed water or heating system or fixed domestic appliance. However the cover is excluded when the property is unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days.

For full details, view the sample policy document.

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