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Q: For how much should I insure my contents?


You should make sure that your sum insured is sufficient to replace all the contents as new at current prices, with no allowance for depreciation and wear and tear, except for clothing and household linen. We will suggest a minimum sum insured based on the details you provide but if the figure we suggest is not sufficient you should choose a higher sum insured.

The sum insured is the maximum amount which we will pay in respect of loss of or damage to the contents. We will estimate a minimum contents sum insured based on the size of your home. This will be detailed when you get a quote.

You should check that the amount is suitable for your needs.

Please ensure that you are not under insured as the full cost to replace lost or damaged items may not be paid out.

When you get your quote online, click on the 'Tell me more' link next to the estimated sum insured for a handy guide to how we calculate the figure.

We estimate a minimum sum insured based on the size of your home to ensure you have sufficient cover in place. You can choose a higher sum insured but cannot reduce it.

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