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Q: Does the contents cover include accidental damage?



We automatically provide cover for accidental damage and breakage to specific items in your home e.g. damage to TV's, audio and video equipment, games consoles and computer equipment (but not portable items such as phones, laptops and tablets).

We define accidental damage as physical damage that is caused suddenly by an external event and that is unexpected and not deliberate.

An external event may be thought of as something that happens to an item, not something that goes wrong with an item.

For example, we would cover a television that had been damaged by being accidentally dropped while moving, but not a television that had suffered an internal fault.

We also provide cover for accidental breakage of glass in furniture, fish tanks, mirrors and ceramic in hobs.

You can add optional accidental damage to your contents insurance to cover you for damage such as:

  • spilt paint on your carpet or furniture
  • dropping an ornament.

Consider our personal possessions cover for accidental damage cover to items away from the home as well.

All policies are subject to terms and conditions, for full details please view the relevant policy document.

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