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Q: What is optional contents accidental damage cover?


We define accidental damage as physical damage that is caused suddenly by an external event and that is unexpected and not deliberate.

Our standard contents insurance provides accidental damage cover to specific items in your home such as TV's, computers, DVD, audio and video equipment (but not portable items such as laptops and tablets).

We also provide cover for accidental breakage of fixed glass in furniture, fish tanks, mirrors and ceramic in hobs.

However if you want to protect your contents against other types of accidental damage e.g. spilling paint on your carpet or furniture or dropping an ornament you will need to add this optional cover to your policy.

This optional accidental damage cover does not provide cover for portable items of audio, video and computer equipment such as laptops and tablets. Cover for these items would need to be taken out under our personal possessions section which provides cover for loss of or damage both in and outside the home. 

Items such as cameras and mobile phones will be covered under the optional accidental damage cover because we do not consider such items to be portable audio, video or computer equipment i.e. their main use is as a phone for telephone calls or a camera for taking pictures.

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