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Q: What activities are covered with your winter sports travel insurance?


We cover all of the following activities in our winter sports travel insurance:

  • bobsleighing*
  • cat skiing
  • cross country skiing
  • downhill skiing*
  • freestyle skiing*
  • glacier walking or trekking (under 2000m)
  • glacier walking or trekking (over 2000m but under 6000m)*
  • heli-skiing*
  • ice climbing under 100m (fully supervised)*
  • ice fishing
  • ice hockey*
  • luge on snow/ice*
  • monoskiing
  • off piste skiing or snowboarding (except in areas considered to be unsafe by resort management)
  • recreational ski or snowboard racing
  • skeleton bob*
  • ski acrobatics*
  • ski bob racing*
  • ski racing or training (non-professional)*
  • ski stunting*
  • ski touring (with a guide)
  • ski or snowboard fun parks*
  • skiing
  • snow mobiling*
  • snowboarding
  • tobogganing.

Please note: Activities in the above list marked with* carry an increased medical excess of £250, and cover under the Personal accident and Personal liability sections does not apply.

You will not be covered if you take part in ski flying, ski jumping or ski mountaineering.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team on 0330 400 1626^.

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